B4 you go on a mile long hike to verify what is here and follow the leads elsewhere, may I try and persuade you, just for a few moments, to become a learner of Jesus. The Man Supreme who alone is Lord and able to forgive sins, he is real, it is clear, you will be judged for your rejection of him and granted your election to bear your sins on your own.

I don't mean to be harsh, I depend on this forgiveness daily, and I depend on it for my eternity - it's a big thing. If you apply to Christ and the Bible the same sort of ruthless analysis – proposing alternate interpretations of facts etc. – as you must do in analysing the issues presented in this section of the site, you will find that only one possible solution stands still remaining, that he is who he said he was; and who those who learned off him [the 12] and had watched his life said he was (and who later died poor persecuted men but still said they had seen what they had seen, showing love to their enemies even to death).