I have included stuff linking to Tetra, DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), WiFi, mobiles and other marvels in our modern world, whose 'sting is in their tails'. My only interest in choosing to publish in detail on this subect is to persuade friends and family to avoid needlessly endangering themselves. And, by proximity, ME!!! That last comment was principally with reference to DECT, which I was surrounded by at work, but am no longer. However, in the interests of others as I have found more stuff I continue to update this record of links.

Though recent studies have discredited the theory of lead pipes leading to the collapse of Rome, nonetheless the rapid embracing of technology without being able to study its impact sufficiently, inevitably in the hands of a poetic God sets up the advantaged to become dis-advantaged.

Tetrawatch.net article on DECT. These boys have deadly serious feed back from the police on their research and analysis of TETRA which gives credence to their other concerns in related areas.